“Art is for Everyone: zine party” was motivated by the goal of making art more accessible to everyone. I wanted to emphasize that art is for healing, learning/education, self-expression, and community building. The pitch was “everybody that comes makes a page. Then everyone gets a copy afterwards”. The first day was the first workshop that I had ever planned or hosted, so there was a steep learning curve for me. I learned afterwards about time management and structure. The first session had four people show up. I ran the group in a really informal way. On the second day, only one person showed up. I was much more formal and structured for the second session. One cute moment was when I said,” Let’s go around the room the other way this time,” to the only person sitting there. We both laughed. I now have more ideas for activities and organization. I grew as a presenter, as an artist and as a person. I hope the other participants grew as well. I would like to explore the possibilities of self-directed learning and zining. All in all, a great experience


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