With sunny weather being around, we were able to organize the backpack Safety project outdoor. We chose to make a small group aound 20 people. The attendees were gathered from some social media such as Facebook, WeChat, or friends’ friends. All of the people are interested in short few days hiking.
The invited Safety speaker, Christopher, is one of the active team members at BC Search and Rescue, a professional coach for wilderness survival(Winter and Desert), with the advanced wildernesz first aid certificate.
Highlights of his hiking experience:
– Hiking Experience: 29 Seasons
– Mountaineering Experience: 5 Seasons
– Longest Trail: Pacific Crest Trail (4,270KM)
– Highest Mountain: Mount Rainier (4,392M)

Christopher kindly brought his huge tent and 10+ Helinox chairs, and fancy outdoor cooking stoves, so that we were soooo lucky to have some hot food in the wood while going over the safety before heading out to the trails.

Presentation including two parts. First part is the basic safety and knowledge on what essentials to prepare for survival. What common problems will be faced when going for backpacking. Tips and advises for different seasons hiking on the mountain. Responsibility & etiquette.
Second part included personal sharing from Christopher’s favourite trails in Greater Vancouver, outdoor gears & brands suggestions and recommendations.

In the afternoon, we headed out for a 10km hiking. Proper techniques on using bear spary, how to identify poison fruit berries, poison ivy, etc. Q&A were included on the way.

I was surprised that high percentage of the group never think of taking a bear spray with them or for those have one, they never cut off the plastic seals after buying one. It is going to be too late/too much hazard to open up the plastic seal when run into a grizzly bear.

In conclusion, it is an amazing experience. When setting up the huge tent and all the gears the guest speaker brought, we were teamed up and became more hands on of ourselves. I think there was some spirit between us when working together. As if the group know each other for long time. All the experience today open up a new world that is adventurous but not dangerous.
Full album link: https://share.samsungcloud.com/sharedalbum/FjPhnnWGJZ

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