Jujutsu has been a passion of mine for many years. However, in my training, I have realized that it is a greatly male-dominated space. The Youth Small Neighbourhood grant gave me the perfect opportunity to share this passion with other young females. To make this wish come to fruition, I worked with one of the instructors at my dojo to put on a self-defence class for female youth in my community. During this class, we were able to work through different self-defence scenarios one may encounter in one’s everyday life and build skills in situational awareness and personal confidence. We practiced common grip breaks, how to get up well when pushed down, and discussed what the best course of action was in a given scenario. With this event, I hoped for participants to come out with a newfound confidence, preparedness, and a feeling of empowerment.
When putting together this class, we originally wanted to accommodate as many participants as possible. However, when communicating with the instructor, we found that a class size of 15-25 participants would be more beneficial and would allow us to work closer with each participant to ensure they got the most out of the experience. We ended up having a total of 21 registrants. This class size allowed us to have a comfortable group setting, which gave each participant the opportunity to get involved and receive one-on-one help from the instructors if desired.
This experience has helped me to understand what is required as a leader and has allowed me to further step into this role. I learnt the different steps that need to be taken behind the scenes before an event like this can even begin. It helped me explore how to effectively advertise, precautions and regulations to consider, and proper hospitality efforts to be made.

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