With the pandemic still evolving for a second year, it was important to focus on a project that would encourage children to go outside and move by practicing or learning a sport in a safe way.

We are lucky to have in our neighbourhood a wonderful, safe and large cul-de-sac where lots of young families and at least 17 children live peacefully. With an enthousiaste feedback from the neighbourhood, a basketball hoop on wheels seemed to be a good asset and meet Bowen Island bylaws.

Thanks to the generous NSG grant and with the help of a couple of a families, the hoop was picked-up and installed under the watchful eyes of impatient children. As we opted for a sturdy hoop that will withstand time and weather, the $500 grant didn’t cover the total cost but people were happy to chip in and we had enough money to cover the cost and to have a draw for 2 basketballs.

Now that the kids are back to school one of their favourite activities is to play while basketball waiting for the school bus. Kids are developing new skills and new games around the basketball hoop. This hoop will see the kids growing. After only 6 months, we got the great news that one of the teenagers was selected by the best basketball team of her age in the lower mainland.

As a project leader and retired teacher, it was a great experience of getting the neighbours to come together to reach a common goal, an opportunity to learn to know young families and to be involved in the process of applying for a grant.

We would like to express our deepest thank to the Vancouver Foundation, the Bowen Island Community Foundation and the Bowen Island Municipality.
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