What is a Butterflyway?

The Butterflyway Project is a volunteer-led movement growing highways of habitat for bees and butterflies across Canada.

Butterflyways make communities greener and healthier.

The goal is to grow plants native to the riparian area around Josephine Lake that will attract and support local pollinators over multiple seasons.

Step One

Identify which species of butterflies are in the area and then identify host plants and nectar plants they need. The Bowen Island Wetland inventory was used to research plants native to Josephine Lake that also serve as host and nectar plants to the range of pollinators/butterflies specific to our area:

Carla Skuce, Manager of Environment and Parks Planning for BIM, was kind enough to mentor, advising on ideal plants and balancing responsibilities when dealing with riparian land restrictions.

Local Butterfly Species:
– Painted Lady
– Western Tiger Swallowtail
– Pale Swallowtail
– Lorquins Admiral

Step Two
Source seeds and plants. Supporting local business, we teamed up with the Bowen Island Flower Shop. They generously provided knowledge, support and a discounted rate on seeds/plants.

Step Three
The neighbourhood was canvassed, and neighbours were invited to participate.

Benefits of Butterflyways…
• Establish important habitat patches for butterflies and local bees.
• Create learning opportunities for students and the local community.
• Help people connect with nature and one another.

A big thank you to all the Lake Josephine Butterflyway participants, with an extra special thanks to:
• Carolyn MacDonald & Tim King
• Phil Calder
• The Bowen Flower Shop

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