I was able to hold 4 outdoor classes with my grant and it went over extremly well!
Each week I have participants attend an hour class and learn basic baton twirling skills all well keeping social distance

The majority of the particpants were children in age from 5 to 12, however I did have some parents who decided to pick up a baton and join in as well,

The park provided a nice open field and a few trees for some shade, and the weather co operated each class!

I was able to prepare each week for the class, and plan out what I was going to teach, and even was able to make a small routine to perform at the end of each class for each other.
The participants liked having the ability to learn some skills and then being able to put them together in a small combo/routine at the end was a great way to wrap up each class.

I am so happy for this opportunity to be able to get the sport of baton twirling out to so many people in a matter of 4 weeks, and hope they take home with them the skills learned and are able to practice them every day!!
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