The community project that was done last August 20/23 from 12 pm to 2 pm which was held at 13396 114 Ave. Surrey, BC V3R0X3. It was announced, and an invitation was sent via Microsoft Team and Instagram. It was a successful project which was participated by 5 people in the community. Participants who weren’t able to come due to vacation trip, out of town, and other commitments was given bracelets to show that they were still part of the community. I announced my community project of Beads and Bracelets Making Club in mid-August as well as to RSVP both on Microsoft Team and Instagram to know all the participants who can come and join in my community project last August 20, 2023. The participants replied to my invitations by asking for the time and the address where the community project will be held. Also, I counted how many participants were coming to my event. Everyone who joined my community project was very happy and had so much fun, as everyone had different ideas and styles of how their bracelets were made. Participants who came and joined in the event all kept their handmade bracelets, while other participants used their bracelets right away to show everyone their beautiful creations. Beads and bracelets making are a good way of connecting, socializing, and knowing the community. Also, it is a form of healthy activity in mind and body by stimulating our brain and bringing everyone’s best while making beads and bracelets. My mom, Maria and my friends made my community project a successful one as we all helped each other in the event. All the participants and I enjoyed making beads and bracelets for ourselves, our friends, family, pets, and other people as precious gifts for them and for our own usage at home and for different occasions. At the event, we made different kinds of bracelets, such as friendship bracelets, favourite characters, heroes, anime, etc. Different ideas, styles, and colours came out at the end of our own handmade finished product.

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