This summer we made a group dance video from afar. Myself and Cathy Stoyko made a framework for our fellow dancers to follow while filming their own free style videos at home. We provided an instructional video and examples of possible dance moves. We asked everyone to wear a bright colour and dance in a out door space they love. We included requests for specific movements to include, other than that everyone was free to play up their own character and dance as they felt. It was difficult with multiple heatwaves in a row we ended up pushing it back quite a few weeks. Certain dancers files didn’t work and a few technical difficulties arose but were sorted out. We had a few less people able to partake than we had hoped for so I ended up shortening the piece to fit with the footage I received. A local musician Cam Boyce allowed us to use his song for the video and it was really fun connecting our dance community with another artist in the valley. I learned to be a bit clearer with myself and everyone else on timelines, I also learned to let go of what I wanted the project to look like and allow it to be what it would become. I think everyone had a fun time with it, it was good way to stay connected in difficult times as we have really been missing our dance and performance community. We greatly enjoyed making this with Anne-Marie Scott, Lisa Snow, Namchi Bazaar, Lisa Hamilton, Melissa Roeske, Evelyn Bally, Cathy Stoyko, Cam Boyce and myself Caresse Nadeau. Thank you.

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