After two years of pandemic restrictions and a turnover of residents in our townhouse complex, we were ready to party! So, we had a block party so that old and new residents could have an opportunity to meet each other. The weather cooperated, so we were able to sit outside in a common area with our camping chairs to chat and eat. We supported three local restaurants so that we could serve food at our block party and make sure everyone was fed with a variety of cuisines and for various dietary restrictions.

We got lots of positive feedback and thanks for organising the event. People even asked when the next one would be, so we are hoping for a repeat performance!

We kept things simple, so that the planning would go smoothly. Many people offered to help which was very much appreciated. The only issue I would say is that when too many people get involved with planning, it can lead to disagreements and complicating the “vision” for a simple get-together as we can’t please everyone.

For future reference, I would recommend picking a small team of people to help delegate with the tasks and communicate up-front what the vision is for the project, so that there is no confusion.

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