The plan was to hold a BBQ Block Party to celebrate the beginning of summer. However, so many neighbours in our complex wanted to attend that we had to pick a date that was convenient for all….it ended up being held closer to the end of the summer.
We started off the day with a block clean-up. Children helped us pick up litter in the complex, and they were rewarded with popsicles, drinks, games and toys (chalk, skipping ropes, etc.)
Then, we invited all residents to join our BBQ in the evening. There was no pressure to bring anything, but some people brought drinks, desserts, appetizers, etc. The main organizers of the BBQ made sure that we had a wide variety of food for vegetarians, carnivores and vegans. Everyone ate well as we chose many healthy, good-quality and delicious food. More than 50 people of all ages and backgrounds showed up and stayed for several hours, connecting and getting to know each other better.
So many neighbours thanked the organizers for putting together the event and are already asking if we will do it again next year. Rave reviews!

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