We provide flowers, vegetables and Herb seeds one day a month at the Ocean Park Library from February until October. We send out a list of seeds available that are appropriate to plant that month. People request up to 10 varieties of seed each month in person or online, and the volunteers package the seed for them. The recipients of the seeds try to grow the plants and let one or two plants go to seed. They collect the seeds when dry and return them to the library for use the next year. We provide up to 500 packages of seed each month. We occasionally have a speaker to talk about seed cleaning or collecting. We had a speaker talk about hydroponic growth in March.

The grant helps with the cost of envelopes, buying seeds that we cannot get from our donors, and giving our speakers an honorarium. The library is hoping that we can provide seeds each week in our seed box in the library. We hope to, if we can, find enough volunteers to help package the seed.

Covid caused a bump, but we asked people to order online; we put the seeds in bags with names on them, so people could pick them up from a distance. The library keeps the bags of those who cannot pick them up during our time at the library and puts the bags in their holds area for pick up later.

We keep people connected with nature and physically active, keeping our bodies, minds and spirits fed by being involved in growing our food and being able to share with others.

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