We had a highly successful event! We planned for an outdoor BBQ for the neighbours that lived on our street. We reside on a quiet cul-d-sac with lots of people who have grandchildren. We invited the residents and their children and grandchildren.
Photo invitations were made through London Drugs and hand delivered. Initially we had planned for mid August, however due to the smoke that rolled in, we decided to reschedule our event. We had a higher turn out from our neighbours due to the date change.
Our next door neighbour rolled out his BBQ and volunteered to cook all the meat.
Grandparents and neighbours helped in the set up of tables and tents. Some people brought items to share.
We did a big Costco shop for the majority of the food and supplies.
In accordance with the Provincial guidelines for outdoor events we posted signs reminding people to use hand sanitizer prior to touching food.
I drew directional arrows for flow of people to pick up their food. I tried to choose prepackaged snacks to avoid high touch points.
We had one neighbour set up a bouncy castle and we had side walk chalk for the kids.
It was a great opportunity for everyone to gather and connect. One neighbour is an original owner, (30 + years), and recently sold her house. She invited the new owners and it was an excellent opportunity to introduce ourselves.
We also reached out to our Blockwatch Community Program Coordinator to ask if she would come by. She decided to drop off some swag for us in advance to share.
All in all it was an amazing event. Everyone pitched in. Many hands make for light work!
Looking forward to our next event!
Thank you NSG!!

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