The project was realized in February 2021. We met every week during the month online through the zoom interface, and 3 participants were involved. We did soft bodywork and deep breathing each session. They experienced different gentle yoga postures every class that helped them to connect with their bodies and felt the tensions they had. And they also experienced different breathing techniques with chanting sounds that help them to explore their respiratory system, detect the blockages they had and expand their respiratory capacity. They liked the experience and felt relaxed, energized with inner peace. Something that they were needing as they expressed. At the end of the sessions, they shared their experience so it was very positive to receive their feedback.

It has challenges to do workshops online. Sometimes the audio is not very good and people can’t hear the instructions very well. The internet connection fails occasionally and the screen gets frozen so it’s not very easy to follow a movement sequence. I have done a lot of workshops before in person and the interaction when chanting on the breathing exercises allows resonance and energy flow that can’t be experienced online.

However, in the end, people experienced inner peace, well-being, and companion that were the principal goals of the project. I’m satisfied with the experience although I was expecting more participation from the community considering that it was a free workshop and the importance that relaxing and breathing have now with the pandemic. I advertised the event on different Facebook groups, and it was very disappointing that some of them (The Surrey BC Events, Surrey Community Corner, and Buy Nothing groups) didn’t allow me to share my post even when I explained to them the benefits for the community and that it was for free. It seems that even with all the changes society is facing today, we need as a society to work a lot with our inner beliefs and racism.
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