Four on-site sessions were held Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 PM in October at the Lillooet Rec Centre to sew fabric shopping bags for the Lillooet Boomerang Bags. All the fabric was donated by individuals and 15 sheets were donated by a local Hotel. Volunteers tie-died the fabric and made kits for sewing the bags during the evening sessions or they were available for pickup to sew at home. Sixty bags were made during the month of October by sewers during the sessions and at home.

Sewing machines were vintage machines provided for our on-site use by members of the community. Over 108 hours of volunteer time so far has been committed to this project. The sewing supplies and equipment can be utilized by the Lillooet Maker Space to continue making bag kits for individuals to pick up and sew at home. Due to Covid restrictions, the distribution of bags in the community will occur in 2021.

We organized the sewing room with social distancing. and packaged the supplies for each work station to avoid sharing during the sessions. There were 4 sewing stations, an ironing station and 2 cutting stations to keep equipment separated. Disinfection and sanitizer were also provided by the library. Everyone entering the Rec Centre was required to sign in.
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