The boulevard in front of our building consisted of patchy dry grass and hard packed dirt which turned to mud in the winter, past reseeding efforts had failed. With the funding from the NSG program we hung posters around our building asking for volunteers for the upcoming “work party.” Volunteers removed the grass, rototilled and replenished the soil, supported it with boulders and planted bee and butterfly attractive shrubs and flowers suitable to this area. At least 25 residents from our building, ranging in age between 3 and 75, came out to help with the digging, planting, pathway laying … it was a great way to get to know our neighbours as well as creating a shared sense of pride in our building and neighbourhood. We have received many compliments from people walking by including out of town visitors who commented on how many boulevards in this area were obviously cared for by residents and how much they enjoyed it. As well, we have set up a watering schedule for the boulevard and we’ve had no shortage of volunteers from our building. This project has really strengthened the bond between the residents in our strata.

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