Mid-Autumn is an important festival in Chinese culture. Traditionally, it is a time of celebration for family reunion that involves moon-watching and other festivities, with the full moon being a symbol of family gathering. Given that the Broadmoor community in Richmond has a high proportion of residents of Chinese descent, we initiated an this get-together to bring our neighbours together for a Mid-Autumn potluck!
The original intention of the event was to create a casual environment for the people in our community to familiarize with each other – something that we have been attempting to do since our (rather successful) Chinese new year get-together in early 2018, of which this event is a continuation.
Despite the not-so-ideal weather on the day of the event, more than 50 participants showed up for food (featuring mooncakes!) and socializing. We got to learn about our neighbours’ family histories and their roots in China, and traded stories on how they used to celebrate Mid-Autumn with their parents. Additionally, we had dozens of pre-teens (most of which attend the Errington Elementary, where this event took place) coming with their parents to connect with their cultural root :).

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