As residents of our community for over 8 years, we came to the realization that we did not know our neighbours. We wanted our children to know their neighbours and to feel comfortable walking up and down the block. And so, the idea of building our No. 1 Road community with a block party was what sparked our NSG idea – to host a block party to start building our community and get to know our neighbours. Our children created a flyer that we colour copied and distributed by hand to our neighbours. Some answered the door, while others were eventually left in their mailboxes. We received a few responses and the week before our family re-sent some reminder flyers. On the day, we set up tents in our backyard, made available individual food, drinks, and snacks, and decorated the alley and driveway. We were happy to host those that were able to attend. It was exciting to meet new faces and hear that some of the long-time residents (over 20 years) had never met any of their neighbours. It was a wonderful gathering and many expressed that they would enjoy doing this again. We also have a few neighbours drop by just to say hi, even though they had plans already for the day. Our children were happy to meet neighbours and learn where they lived. We are grateful for the NSG for providing us with this grant so we could host this. We encourage other neighbourhoods to take this step and get to know their community.

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