My project was a 5 week series of classes on Zoom based on regulating the nervous system and creating relaxation and healing by accessing our electromagnetic energy body. I introduced breath techniques, mudras, movement and philosophical teachings to regulate the nervous system and release stress and trauma from the body.
My project information was based on a program that I contributed to and taught at Langara College based on somatic release of stress and tension to help First Responders work with PSTD and vicarious trauma symptoms. I taught in this program from 2015-2019 and also travelled to share it in the Yukon and in Nova Scotia with another instructor. My component was yoga and health care based which is my background and which I shared through this project.
I used Zoom as a platform to teach this course which I feel was a very good way to reach many people who may not have been able to attend otherwise. I had an average of 36 participants with as many as 56 attending from time to time. Some were attending from out of province as well as local community people. I used Facebook and my email list to promote the program. Most participants were from my email list and there were a small percentage attending from Facebook. I still feel that Facebook is a good way to promote projects in the community though.
Using Zoom with this class helped me to learn more about the platform. I used powerpoint presentations to give a visual of the teachings so I had to learn how to use the screen share option. It worked well and participants were able to see the physical body template of the the nervous and glandular systems along with the electromagnetic body and how they are interconnected and mutually impacting each other.
Overall, my experience with the Neighbourhood Small Grant opportunity has been very positive and I believe the project helped bring more awareness to the importance of body based healing to the community. I received a lot of positive feedback from participants about how they were incorporating the practices into their lives.
Thank you for this program and the opportunity to offer free classes to the community.
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