On November 16, 2022
Burnaby DUDES Club held our first gathering

On July 17, 2023
We held an Open House

We wanted to officially launch our Clubhouse and introduce ourselves to community

We had a BBQ.  More than 40 people and organizations attended
We had a Traditional Indigenous Opening Ceremony. We prepped, made and served
burgers, hot dogs, salads and dessert. People mingled and got acquainted
One participant commented: “DUDES were consummate hosts.
They were warm and attentive, and made us feel welcome in their space.”

We drew door prizes. We had a Traditional Indigenous Closing Ceremony.  People lingered and continued to mingle…
Our event would not have been possible
without support from:
Vancouver Aboriginal Community Policing Centre
Indigenous Neighbourhood Small Grants

Special thanks to:
Mary Stephanie A. Lasam
Admin Support / I-NSG Community Coordinator
for helping us navigate your process…

Total: $500.00
Rental Fees: $50.00
Promotion: BDC In-kind
Event Insurance: $100.00
Supplies or Materials: $60.00
Food and Beverage Items: $140.00
Honoraria: Cook, Elders, Protocol: $150.00

We recently celebrated our first anniversary

It has been a busy year
We have been welcomed into a new circle of relationships for which we are grateful

Here is our journey thus far…
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