We had a wonderful button making drop in day this late winter/spring. To help with covid flow I pre-made a bunch of buttons for folks that wanted to just take one home and had all the supplies out for crafting new ones for those that wanted to. I had a gaggle of kids hang out for quite a while as well as people flowing through. It was really great to see the kids that had made a couple already help out the new ones passing by and share tips and tricks they had already learned in the process. Everything went quite smoothly for kids and adults alike and it was a real treat to spend the day punching buttons with all of these local cuties. I was pleasantly surprised at how well everyone worked together, supported each-other and created as a group and individually. We had a lot of “failed” buttons but it was great to see how they were received as learning curves rather than failures. Looking forward to doing something like this again.

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