We live on a corner, making it convenient to invite neighbours from both streets to our gathering. Twelve households could join us, totaling twenty attendees, while a few couldn’t make it and sent their regrets.
Prior to the event, we talked with some neighbours to gauge their preferences for food and the flow of the event. It turned out that people just wanted to eat burgers and visit!

With the support of a grant, we ensured that everyone could relish a sumptuous meal: burgers adorned with all the fixings, a variety of salads and veggies, a platter of fresh fruits, and delectable desserts. For door prizes, we found lovely potted plants available at a reasonable cost, ensuring each household had a plant to take home. The joy expressed by everyone upon receiving these potted plants was truly heartwarming.

Everyone was so happy to have the opportunity to gather, and we would like to express our thanks and appreciation for choosing to award us a grant for our event. We held a block party last year on our own, but having the grant money took the pressure off a lot of preparation and allowed us all to relax and connect. We hope to continue this event yearly on an ongoing basis.”
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