I dropped off paper invitations to each home on the street (there are 60ish) in the spring and asked people to email me if they wanted to participate. Then we sent out a curated list of native pollinator plants to chose from and each house chose what they wanted. I did the plant shopping and brought them back to my place for pick up. One of the participants made super cute signs to go along with them!
We had 14 homes participate so we planted 14 native pollinator shrubs/perennials along our street. Each was planted with a sign made by a local artist to identify the plant as a pollinator and to celebrate the project.
We had to wait until the fall to plant because of the dry conditions this past summer, but that gave us more time to find participants and choose appropriate plants.
Everyone who participated was super excited about it. Most of them chose Mock Orange to plant see: https://www.bcliving.ca/mock-orange for more on them. Our street is going to smell amazing! We also had heather, oregon grape and honeysuckle as well.

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