Our Captains Way neighbours have been continually frustrated by the constant heavy winds and directional stormy rains that ripped all our postings off the old bulletin board and scattered them around the adjacent property.

When the Bowen Island Neighbourhood Small Grants Program announced the launch of the 2022 granting cycle, and once again reached out for projects to bring neighbours together, I immediately thought of our regular mail box and information bulletin board as our neighbourly spot to stop and say hello to our lovely neighbours; a time to walk along our street to enjoy the greenery, walk the dogs, share hellos and catch up on the local news with friends reading the postings on our wonderful new bulletin board.

We are grateful for the continued generosity of funds this year to go towards the construction of a new weather-resistant enclosed cedar cabinet with sliding doors to encase and keep signage dry-mounted for years to come.

Our neighbour Ryan, a full time millworker, volunteered his time to create our new unit with a cedar-shake roof, lucite sliding doors with thick corkboard back and cedar sides to house and protect our postings.
With the limited extra funds, we’ll buy spring (deer resistant) bulbs to plant in the fall, to further enhance the Captains Way gathering place.

A special thank you to all of those who have participated in making this donation possible. The neighbours in our Captains Way area will enjoy and appreciate this bulletin board for years to come.
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