The deluge of Fall rain did not deter members of the Bluewater community of Bowen Island in planting rhododendrons along Captains Way, in anticipation of Spring colours for all to enjoy. Building on the success of Captains Way Colour (Part 1), this initiative continued to engage neighbourbours in finding locations to plant rhododendrons visible to those travelling along Captains Way. Between September and mid-November 2021, 12 rhododendrons were planted, all different colours and sizes.

Planting rhodies in the neighbourhood was a truly uplifting activity. After continuing to weather another year of the COVID-19 pandemic and a summer of wildfires and draught, being outside in the gentle rain was a welcome change. This project also provided me an opportunity to meet a handful of neighbours for the first time.

Captains Way Colour was advertised near the community mailboxes and later on the Bluewater Facebook page, which caught the attention of a few of neighbourhoods where six rhodies were claimed. However, the remaining 6 rhodies found a new home through word of mouth on the west side of Captains Way. I arrived with planting soil, mulch and shovel in hand to plant new rhododendrons with my neighbours, close enough to the road for those travelling in the neighbourhood to enjoy.

As a resident living along Captains Way, I have often noticed my neighbours walking their dogs, or strolling along enjoying the views. I like to think the string of rhodies will further brighten the neighbourhood and remind of us that after a dark, drizzly Fall, colours will return in the Spring to brighten our lives.
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