On behalf of the neighbours along Captains Way in Bluewater on Bowen Island, a COVID-friendly success story has unfolded.
During this past long year of saying hello to neighbours across the street or waving from up the driveway, a bright light prompted consideration to safely create a fun project among our lovely friends.

The Bowen Island Neighbourhood Small Grants sponsored by the Bowen Island Community Foundation and the Vancouver Foundation, with Bowen Island Municipality, was seeking ideas that could work in this socially complicated year.

Voila, our small project to add COLOUR along our well-walked road was endorsed. “Captains Way Colour” was advertised by posters at two bulletin boards along the roadside, requesting interested neighbours to sign up. It took a bit of spreading the word and within a short time, seven households along Captains Way have enthusiastically taken part.

With a car filled full of colourful plants from the Garden Shop, each neighbour received perennial wildflower seeds, fertilizer, a small metal stake identifying the donated plants and a red rhododendron to surely brighten our path.

Planting began immediately and the Captains Way Colour Project will live on, with lovely reminders of the organizations’ generosity.

Thank you,
Anne Boa
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