Looking for a way to contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, this project of donating cards and artwork to local care homes was inspired. The care homes in the local community, were amongst the first cases of the virus in all of BC, making it particularly hard on staff and residents who are trying to navigate this difficult time.
After getting in touch with the directors of care at some of the local care home to ask what they needed most, the project consisting of donating cards and artwork to the care homes began.
Through block watch email lists, local facebook groups and word of mouth, neighbours from all over the community created beautiful pieces of artwork and cards with heartfelt messages to support residents and thank staff.
As per suggestions from staff at the care home, the art work was laminated with a lamination machine bought with the grant money, so they could use sanitizing liquid to disinfect the pieces before giving them to the residents.
The project started with just two care homes in mind, but so many wonderful art pieces were donated that we ended up donating to 6 care homes in the community.
Many thanks to the amazing community members who so graciously donated their artwork and heartfelt messages, and to the small grants program for making this project possible!
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