We held our event on Saturday, September 14, 2019 with a presentation by Todd Kunz, Community Paramedic beginning at 1 pm followed by a delicious barbecue lunch.
We served hotdogs and hamburgers, multiple salads, a wide assortment of condiments, beverages and of course ice cream, toppings and cookies.
Todd K. and Victor C. did an excellent job of demonstrating the Hands Only CPR technique
and provided blow-up dolls for the group to try their hands on.
Todd and Victor also informed the audience of what steps to take in an emergency and answered questions from the entire group. They did this in an extremely helpful and yet light manner. Victor brought a bit of humor to the day, when one of the single ladies in our community asked what would happen if she had a heart-attack, called 911 but was unable to get to her door and it was locked. Victor lifted his pant leg and said very seriously, “that would be a size 13”. This really got a lot of laughs. He then explained that having a combination lock would be a very good idea, with the combination given to a neighbour or with a security service.
Information presented by the paramedics was well received by the community and the feed-back has been extremely positive.
A poster advertising the event was prepared and posted on our community bulletin board and it was also fanned out to our residential email list. In addition, we prepared a personal invitation which was hand delivered to the neighbours. The event was well attended, fifty signed up.
Everyone including our resident service dog, Button, had lots of fun and enjoyed the day,
We are already exploring ideas for next year.
Thanks again for the Neighbourhood Small Grant.

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