In Pemberton, we had an awesome time celebrating Philippines Independence Day with Filipinos and our friends from the community. It was a day filled with tasty food, cool crafts, and lots of laughter. We gathered at the community center, which was decorated with colourful flags and beautiful artwork. The air was filled with the delicious smell of traditional Filipino dishes being cooked with love.

We enjoyed a feast of Pancit Bihon (tasty noodles) and Lumpiang Shanghai (crispy spring rolls). The flavours were amazing and made our taste buds dance with joy. We ate together, sharing stories and laughter and feeling grateful for the good times.
After the food, we took a moment to say prayers, as requested by the Filipino elders. We thanked those who fought for the freedom of the Philippines and asked for blessings for our community. It was a special time of reflection and unity.

We then sang the Philippine national anthem with pride. Our voices came together, creating a beautiful melody that filled the room. It reminded us of our shared love for the Philippines and its history. We also had fun with paper crafts for the kids. They decorated and assembled paper characters dressed up with traditional dresses and also a 3D Filipino jeepney! It was cool to see our creativity shine as we worked on these crafts together.

Throughout the day, Filipinos and community members mingled, forming new friendships and strengthening old ones. We chatted, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a day where everyone felt welcome and included.

The celebration of the Philippines Independence Day in Pemberton was a special event that brought people together. We shared delicious food, made beautiful crafts, and had a great time getting to know each other. It was a day filled with joy, friendship, and a celebration of the Filipino culture that enriches our community.

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