The Chicken TV was inspired by my community and for my community in collaboration with my chickens, of course. Since getting my flock I often see little and big people alike peeking over my fence to watch the backyard chickens do their dance. The Chicken TV is a special designated spot for my neighbours to pop on by to watch them.

I created the vision and my partner brought it to life! The first stage is the bones of the project consisting of the TV frame made of lumber and covered in sheet metal. The next stage will see this becoming more of a community hub with an egg carton recycling station, a “Treat Tube” that will dispense chicken food for the chickens, a “Pup Stop” watering and treat station for dogs out for a stroll, and will be surrounded by flowers for our pollinator friends. It will also be a place to share the abundance of my garden from flowers to seeds and starts.

I thought I could do it all with the first grant however the lumber, sheet metal, and screws used up the grant money in no time. I am so excited and inspired by the Chicken TV and how this project has the potential to evolve to suite the needs of my community. I hope my neighbours and community enjoy it as well!

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