The workshop was designed to work with small groups of people from the neighbourhood to give people tools and goals for taking personal climate action, as well as information about climate change and what kinds of collective actions can be taken.
Each workshop was between 1.5-2 hours in length. The workshop format went as follows:
Introduction/setting of expectations
Overview of the science of climate change
Discussion of climate concerns, impacts, motivations
Sorting of the Climate Journey cards to identify most effective personal actions
Goal setting: setting personal and time-bound climate action goals
Summary and sharing of resources: Overall, the workshops were very well received. The workshop at CNH went quite well because there was an already established group of people who attend events, however in the co-ops, it was more difficult to get people to commit.
The Climate Journey cards are now in my possession, and I have put it out there that I am happy to continue facilitating discussions with them, as well as make the cards generally accessible for anyone who would like to use them, whether as part of a workshop or as individuals.
Karly and Coraline

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