Our climate-focused ‘lighter living’ block party went really well! We had a good turnout with ~70 neighbours attending. There was an icebreaker activity encouraging people to meet people they didn’t know and find out something climate-related about them. We had an information table with volunteers from RegenerateBC who played a card game from Drawdown.org with anyone who stopped by the table. The game had people guess which of the three climate solutions had the most impact. It was easy to play with people of all ages and could be quick or long as people wished.

The table also had passive information from the local library about their climate materials for loan and seed library, staying safe in the heat from the local fire department, bike maps from HUB, and other information for reading. Three climate books were purchased with grant funds to allow neighbours to borrow and learn more about climate solutions. Near the info table, we had a flip chart for people to write ideas of climate actions they’re already taking and ones they would like to take. Other ways we made it lighter living was to make the party near to zero waste by having BYO cutlery and plates and to promote plant-rich foods in the potluck.

We also provided corn on the cob and vegan ice cream and made sure to have some gluten-free ice cream cones as well. This dessert worked well for people avoiding dairy and/or gluten, and it was a hot day, so the ice cream was much appreciated. Kids loved decorating their bikes and having a bike parade. Sidewalk chalk was available, and kids were encouraged to draw where they thought a tree could be planted on the block. It was wonderful to have a chance to chat with neighbours, in general, and also about climate solutions.

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