Since 1992 Garrett Street has hosted block parties on our street. For the last several years the Sapperton Association of Woodworkers (SAW) has planned and organized this event. SAW is a loose organization of neighbours that meet once a month and we sometimes do projects for neighbours in need.
Invitation flyers were sent out to houses on Garrett, Fader and Wilson streets between Sherbrook and Braid, but all near and far neighbours were welcomed to our summer celebration – and many attended from outside the immediate area. The city provided barriers to block off the street and also provided a free Street Occupancy permit.
This year we had a high attendance of approximately 90 people. We figure the years of the pandemic had something to do with more neighbours wanting to celebrate together. In the street kids played with chalk and bubbles and all listened and danced to good music provided by 2 different music acts. Barbecues were supplied for people to cook their own protein and there were many other foods to choose from including salads, vegetables, and a vast selection of desserts. There was a selection of neighbourhood old time residents renewing acquaintances and newcomers making new ones.
All in all, this year’s party was a roaring success.

More photos to the street party can be found in the PDF at the link below:!Ate5zUD2WM5KiU-7l4TQswCrWiuw?e=bbKfBL
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