Our community project was to host an Artist Talk to introduce community members to a local mural artist we are hoping to work with next year. The artist talk included a live demonstration of the creative process and spray painting techniques. We had 30 community members participate which included children as young as 4! The artist gave a 20 minute presentation before inviting participants to experiment on their own canvas they got to take home. Once the artist was done the demo painting everyone had a chance to add their mark on the 4ftx5ft community canvas.

One of the challenges we had when hosting the event was needing to wait for the artist to be available after summer. Hosting an outdoor event in October was not ideal because of the wet and colder weather. Luckily we had 4 event tents so we didn’t have to cancel and only one confirmed family didn’t show up. Next time I wouldn’t plan an outdoor event past September to have a better weather. I look forward to hosting another Interactive Art Experience for the community. It was a great way to support a local artist and provide an opportunity for them to share their story. Our hope is that by inviting community members to join the artist talks we can help inspire future artists!

Please follow our Instagram page @cloverdalemurals where we have lots of photos. There is also a live video from our event that we shared during the artist talk!

Below is a photo of the artist Mihai (MD Murals) beside the painting he created during the demo. He let everyone make a mark at the end so it could become another community canvas we will add to our collection every time we host another art experience!
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