This communication refers to the grant for my project “Community correlation”. We are indeed obliged to your organization for giving us the grant and being a conduit to community connections. It is a yeoman service your organization is doing year after year to ensure our city residents are taken care of through these projects during their these difficult times.

My Project details are as follows:

“Community correlation “ event organized by a joint committee of diverse diaspora communities in our surrey neighborhood area. On Sunday, 05 September 2021 in Surrey we hosted this event at Bear creek park, The main focus of the event was to meet and greet and showcase different communities culture, traditions, diversities under one umbrella and to bring different communities in a one platform and celebrate this diversities that despite representing different communities around our neighborhoods binds us together and makes us a proud community. The Event, where different community showcased their culture, tradition through dance music, ethnic wear, food and performed beautifully and gracefully, that echoed vibrant colors of our culture. The event received tremendous applaud from overseas guests around 150 people gathered where everyone enjoyed and participated in many Inclusive activities included mindful sings, majestic dance performance, mythological presentation, mouth watering food associated with the event, last but not the least the culture are activity media and positive vibrations was an eye catching one. We are very appreciative and thankful of the service and wish you continue this every year!
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