I just completed my project yesterday and had many attendees say they enjoyed the experience.
My project time went from late morning to 3 pm on August 13. I held the event at Foreshore Park near the fitness area. I received the attendees after uploading information onto Eventbrite, advertising a free picnic. I had no trouble getting attendees.

Music- I also wanted to have some live music. A few days before the event, I managed to get a music teacher and she brought along her music students, who were as young as 5 years-old. It was very adorable to see the young kids play the violin. This was their very first performance, and the kids showed remarkable poise and talent. Event the music teacher stayed until the event ended.
Past 3 pm, many attendees stayed and sat in their lawn chairs, and enjoying socializing.

For the bee education, I had collected the attendee’s email addresses and sent off 3 emails highlighting the benefits of having bees being critical for helping plants germinate and contribute to your food supply for everyone. I also gave away gifts relating to bees, and this was for attendees. This included bee-related products that I got from the Bee centre in Surrey.

I also allowed park visitors to come to the picnic area, and they also took away some food and drinks. Many people were unaware of how beautiful the park was and also the attendees enjoyed meeting new people and I am sure they also made new friends. I even had a poodle attendee enjoy treats there as well as part of a smokie hotdog.

We had a fantastic time! Thank you for approving my project.

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