North Island-Mount Waddington

North Island-Mt. Waddington


The North Island-Mt. Waddington Neighbourhood Small Grants are currently closed and will be opening in the spring of 2025.

Your Community Coordinator

Kerri Reid

Kerri supports grant applicants and project leaders living in the Regional District of Mount Waddington. Please look at our Communities map for the exact boundaries.

Contact Kerri if you have questions or feedback on Neighbourhood Small Grants. Paper applications are also available — please get in touch with them to ask for one.

Available grants

Resources for getting involved with Neighbourhood Small Grants as a grant applicant, project leader or program partner.

  • NSG

    Grants of up to $500 for projects that deepen connection and create change in your community.

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Program partner

Your neighbourhood partner

Local partner organizations manage all aspects of the Neighbourhood Small Grants program. Partner organizations are where your community coordinators work. They also oversee the advisory committee, which is unique to each community that reviews your grant applications.

Mount Waddington Family Literacy Society

Our society provides literacy programs, events and support in the Mount Waddington region of North Vancouver Island, B.C. We provide literacy for children, youth, adults and seniors.
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