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Applications are accepted in two cycles in South Vancouver:

Spring: March 7 to April 18, 2024 – Projects to be completed by October 31, 2024

Fall: September 7 to October 21, 2024* – Projects to be completed by December 31, 2024

*As long as funds are still available

Applications will be reviewed by the South Vancouver Neighbourhood Grants Committee and Community Coordinators (Emily and Mark) within 3-4 weeks of application deadline.

The South Vancouver boundaries include the neighbourhoods of: Renfrew-Collingwood, Renfrew Heights, Victoria-Fraserview, Oakridge, Killarney, Champlain Heights, Sunset and Marpole. Note, if you apply in South Vancouver, you must live in South Vancouver and your project must take place in South Vancouver. If you have any questions please contact Emily or Mark at

Artist Enhancement Grant

Artist Enhancement NSG* was developed several years ago as a way to recognize artists in the South Vancouver community who have the capacity to enhance community art projects with their skills, talent and can work with community members in the creative process.

An Artist Enhancement NSG offers $500 for project expenses and an additional $500 to pay an artist. This project should be led by a minimum of two people: the project leader who submits the application and the artist. To learn more and submit an Artist Enhancement NSG, contact Mark or Emily (Community Coordinator), at

*NOTE: This grant stream is not offered in most communities and therefore cannot be found on the NSG website.

Your Community Coordinators

Mark and Emily

Contact Emily or Mark if you have questions or feedback about the Neighbourhood Small Grants. Paper applications are also available — please get in touch with them to ask for one.

Available grants

Resources for getting involved with Neighbourhood Small Grants as a grant applicant, project leader or program partner.

  • Greenest City Grants

    Community projects that help advance climate and sustainability goals

    Learn More
  • Youth NSG

    A program for youth (ages 12-24) living in Metro Vancouver communities.

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  • Indigenous NSG

    A grant stream open to Indigenous people living in Metro Vancouver interested in community building.

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  • NSG

    Grants of up to $500 for projects that deepen connection and create change in your community.

    Learn More

Program partner

Your neighbourhood partner

Local partner organizations manage all aspects of the Neighbourhood Small Grants program. Partner organizations are where your community coordinators work. They also oversee the advisory committee, which is unique to each community that reviews your grant applications.

South Vancouver Neighbourhood House


South Vancouver Neighbourhood House serves three Vancouver neighbourhoods — Sunset, Victoria and Fraserview, and Killarney and Champlain Heights. A volunteer driven, community service agency, South Vancouver Neighbourhood House’s mission is to make neighbourhoods better places to live and enable people to enhance their lives and strengthen their communities.

Collingwood Neighbourhood House


Collingwood Neighbourhood House has a mission to promote the well being of the Collingwood community by providing leadership and working collaboratively with individuals, families, agencies and other groups to develop and support inclusive, innovative, sustainable initiatives and services that respond to the community’s social, educational, economic, health, cultural and recreational needs.

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