On September 18, 2022, the Connecting Juniors to Seniors Project gathered over 35 Richmond juniors, aged 7 to 17, together to make cards for the seniors in the Richmond community. Within 2 hours, the card-making materials provided were transformed into over 130 cards, each colorfully crafted with creativity and positive messages for the seniors in our community.
These cards were handed out one-by-one by the juniors to the seniors dance groups, the seniors opera group, and other seniors at the Richmond Seniors Centre on the National Seniors’ Day on October 1, 2022. The seniors who received these cards were appreciative of the care and the thoughtful messages from the Richmond juniors who participated in the Project. This project was a great success as it brought smiles to many Richmond seniors’ faces.
The ”Connecting Juniors to Seniors Project” not only connected Richmond juniors to do something fun and meaningful together, it also interconnected these juniors with the Richmond seniors by spreading appreciation and positivity.

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