I have always loved cooking. I would also like to give back to my community by sharing my talent and experience with others. I started this Zoom cooking class in early 2021 during the pandemic. Here is how I run the class. I send out the ingredients list on Monday to our group chat. Students will have a few days to do grocery shopping. They can ask questions or share where we can buy the ingredients with a discount. I shared some special ingredients (like spices) with my students who didn’t want to buy a whole bottle of it. On Friday at 4:30 pm, we all sign on Zoom. I usually started with a casual talk between everyone so as to connect with each other. This was especially needed during the pandemic. I then share stories of the dish about how and where the dish was invented and how it was brought to Canada. I also shared about learning the original language on how to pronounce the dish at its origin. Students have lots of fun in this part of the sessions. I also shared how to pick the best ingredients and how to cut some ingredients in the ultimate ways. Then we all start cooking at the same time. We all share the view on the whole process so I can see where they are in cooking the dish. I also share how to garnish the dish with a beautiful presentation to their families. We then all sit down, chat and taste test. Finally, we share a picture of our dish in our group. I operate this class as a gathering so everyone has a chance to meet the community and share our passion for cooking with love for our family. One of my students has never cooked with her daughter but now enjoys cooking with each other and said that this brought their relationship closer. I just love how this Zoom cooking impacts the lives of our community

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