This project consisted in 4 craft online craft sessions each Thursday of July and 2 jumping sessions last Friday of July. There were 44 craft sets and 25 jumping sets that we gave to different families who live at Acadia Park. The idea was to set the crafts together using zoom and jump and have some fun too.

It was a fantastic project and a lot of kids and parents gave us their feedback positive on the activity. We set a table at the commons block one day prior the activity for them to pick up the box set with all the materials included and we send the link on their emails to join us in zoom.

It was fabulous to see all the kids sharing with their parents and enjoying the activity. All of them were so happy specially because for long time some of them have been at home mostly.

Julian Alejandro Melo and me Carolina Mantilla, we count with the support of our volunteer Juliana Rendon who lives in the neighborhood. It was a great experience to buy all the sets thinking and taking the best decision for different ages and feelings, and then also to share together the meeting and do the craft.

We work hard during July but it worth it to see many happy faces and gratitude.
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