The “Creativity in Bookmarks!” project was a wonderful initiative aimed at fostering community bonds through the joy of artistic creation. The goal was to bring together individuals of all ages to craft unique bookmarks, not only as a celebration of art but as an encouragement for people within the community to read more and enjoy reading.

Through posting posters and social media, we attracted a diverse group of participants to join. The event was very inclusive, providing a wide range of art materials such as watercolours, markers, and paints. In the beginning, we noticed some participants were hesitant to join, so we first introduced ourselves and shared snacks to foster a more open and supportive atmosphere. Then, participants were encouraged to collaborate with others and use different art materials. Through this process, participants made new connections and friends with others in their community. After creating the bookmarks, participants worked together as a group to choose some of the best bookmarks that they were satisfied with and donated them to the local community and library to spread our creativity.

Reflecting on “Creativity in Bookmarks!”, the project was a great way for community building, the power of art in connecting people, and the joy of sharing. It taught us the importance of inclusive spaces where every member of the community, regardless of age or skill level, can contribute and have fun.

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