I am Lewen Ivy Huang, a 16-year-old passionate advocate for sustainable fashion, and I’m excited to share the story of our Fashion Upcycling Workshop, a memorable event in the thriving Kerrisdale community. This tale is a testament to careful planning, creative problem-solving, and the power of an inclusive, dedicated team.

Our journey began with the ambitious goal of orchestrating a Fashion Upcycling Workshop. To make it a reality, we needed sponsors and participants. We initiated our planning phase with a well-structured email campaign, reaching out to potential sponsors online. Finding sponsors willing to support our cause was a significant milestone, but unfortunately only got our Neighbourhood Small Grants.  Next, we faced the challenge of getting the word out. We strategically located posters around the community to raise awareness about our event. Simultaneously, we leveraged the power of social media to engage people and encourage participation. These actions helped build anticipation and excitement.  However, our journey was not without obstacles. Time constraints and rental logistics posed challenges. The application process for permits and venue rentals took longer than expected. To overcome this, we adjusted our event’s date and structure, ensuring we had ample time to plan and prepare fully. Another challenge was garnering sufficient participation. We initially had fewer participants than hoped for, but we adapted and overcame. We utilized platforms like LinkedIn and leveraged the projects of art and design school students to generate interest. As a result, our participant numbers grew, and we felt more prepared.

Our project brought together people from different races, some even strangers to us. This inclusivity was a significant part of our success. Notably, students from art and design schools played an essential role in setting up the event and fixing equipment like sewing machines. Their support was a testament to the power of collaboration and community.

Through this journey, we learned valuable lessons. We recognized the importance of early preparation and flexibility in the face of challenges. We also discovered that reaching out to a diverse audience and utilizing the resources of our network, such as art and design students, was instrumental in overcoming hurdles and making our event a success.

In conclusion, our Fashion Upcycling Workshop was a triumph due to meticulous planning, creative problem-solving, and the dedication of an inclusive team. We learned that by adapting and persisting, we can overcome any challenge. This event was a celebration of sustainable fashion and a testament to the strength of a united community. We are excited to continue on our journey and share the message of sustainability and inclusivity with the world.
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