We sent out an invitation through social media and word of mouth. So far we have around 20 children aged from 11-13 years old signed up for the event and it is still on going as the feedback is good.
We gathered on Sundays to learn crochet every week. Most of them were totally new to this fun art. Step-by-step we learned how to make a magic circle and do the basic patterns. It was hard in the beginning! It took us more time than we thought to ensure everyone got the basic steps. But our participants are keen learners and eventually got a hang of it. We learned how to crochet simple balls and from then we turned the balls into pig, sea turtle, jellyfish, whale and many more.
The response was excellent and once you know the basics, you can create so many varieties of cute amigurumi. (Many of us found it addictive!)
Check out the amigurumi that we created!

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