“We selected the theme Hearts & Heritage – A Ukrainian Welcome! for our event.

This choice held a significant purpose: to raise awareness in our Deer Ridge neighbourhood about a Ukrainian family’s settlement here, supported by a generous host family. During the breakfast, the Ukrainian family shared their poignant journey of escaping from occupied Melitopol, which deeply impacted us all. Their story was a powerful reminder of the hardships people face in times of war and invasion, aiming to cultivate empathy and understanding. Neighbours presented gifts to the Ukrainian couple, toys for their young son, and flowers to express our gratitude to the host family.

Beyond the emotional connections formed, the event served a dual purpose: to create a space where neighbours could connect for work or friendship.
One heartening example was the meeting between a woman from Poland, fluent in Ukrainian, and our Ukrainian guests. They connected immediately, exchanging contact information and engaging in meaningful conversations.

We also extended an invitation to another Ukrainian couple from Penticton, who had established a Ukrainian bakery cafe in Summerland. Their presence fostered a personal connection, fulfilling another goal of the event.

After a generous pancake breakfast and story-sharing, everyone expressed heartfelt gratitude for this beautiful event. As we look back on the day, we’re reminded of the power of community, empathy, and shared experiences to bring people closer together.
Thank you for the NSG to make it possible.
Deer Ridge Neighbours
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