After finalizing the event that I wanted to celebrate with the neighborhood, I sat down to create a list of things for which I had to arrange. It included everything starting from creating the guest list, creating a flyer for the invitation, doing the budget planning, preparing the list of food items and snacks, crafts for kids, games for the guests, placing orders, and shopping for refreshments and snacks. I then sent out invitations and posted them on social media public groups so that more people can be a part of this celebration. I actively monitored my email to ensure I am responding back to people who are reaching out to me for event-related queries.
I had a few challenges to make all the arrangements in a limited budget, but I precisely managed to fit everything by allocating more budget to indispensable requirements and cutting down costs for a few low-priority things such as crafts. I also bought a few things on my own apart from the budget allocated such that the event is not impacted.
In this entire process, I learned how easy it is to get people from diverse cultures together with a little bit of effort and make them learn and celebrate different cultures and festivities with equal enthusiasm. I am very happy and proud to have organized this event with Asmita Lawrence help, she was good support throughout.

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