“Eating & Meeting Party” was our NSG project with the intention of connecting residents of the building through a party, eating delicious food, and exchanging ideas about our building and our community.
I have lived in my building for about seven years and have met many of the residents briefly, just saying Hi and Bye. This project was a perfect ground for many of us to have the time and opportunity to get to know each other. The residents were coming from different backgrounds so we could celebrate diversity and strengthens the sense of belonging.
The party was held in front of our building in a beautiful, sunny day and the guests were having discussions while eating the food which was just delicious. The project was so successful that at the end of the party everyone was suggesting another gathering in another day.
And that was how another NSG project succeeded to be a community support and build up strong relationship between neighbours.
We appreciate The Vancouver Foundation’s support of the community and hope we are able to express our willingness to strengthens this support. Thank you.

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