The idea for my project came about due to COVID. What can I do to abide by Dr. Henry’s recommendations.
Winter is here, social activities are limited and the garden has been cleared up to rest till Spring.

Then I learned form my granddaughter who teaches elementary school that the kids have to wear masks. It’s not what all children like to do. I thought if I get a neighbourhood grant to buy good cotton fabric with cute designs, I could help make kids want to wear them. My granddaughter’s school is not in New Westminster, so I couldn’t make them for her school.

I emailed Lord Kelvin Elementary school that’s the closest to me in my neighbourhood saying I could make face-masks for all Grade 1 or 2 children. I did not get any reply so after a few days I emailed again wanting to know if they accept my offer. The reply was that they already have lots of masks. I told my NSG leader, Maylen Crespo that I may have to drop my application. Maylen advised that I can still go ahead and make masks for the refugee families in registered for their holiday’s support, also to distribute them in an after-school cooking class in five different schools in the city.

I attended only one of the cooking class at Lord Kelvin where I gave the children my masks with attached strings to hang around their necks, I showed them how they could adjust my mask to fit properly. My mask have adjustable ear elastic and nose wire. It’s made with organic white cotton fabric for layer close to the face, a polypropylene filter sandwich layer and pretty food or Christmas design, 100% cotton fabric for the front layer.
With the support of this grant I was motivated to make over 100 masks, 91 to the project and to 6 seniors in my neighbourhood, plus more for my family.

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