Our felting art group was formed in 2018 after we received the very first NSG, this is our second year to be together, it has been such a delightful and special experience to sew with friends who loves felting each month , I personally believe our hand, heart and mind are closely connected, simply by touching these high quality wool felts, and sewing with a community, it feels great!
We had an instructor Yana who came to Kits House to show the basic skills and stitches last year, then we bought some books and started to self explore to make things we are interested. We have made various beautiful figures, such as fox, elephant, bunny, pig, dove, donkey, bear, dog, stars. It may melt your heart when you hold one.
When we sew together, we listen to her story of the summer, we taste the tomato from her garden, we love the cookies she baked the night before the meeting…… Life is so much better when you share your gift and skills with other who loves it too.

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