As our Nature Camp is currently in its first year of operations, we set out to create connections with each other and the community as a whole. This group is a multi-age learning program offered to homeschooled children to provide a holistic and nature-based approach to learning. The Neighbourhood Small Grants funding allowed us to facilitate a Fire Circle event where we could open dialogue and respectfully acknowledge the traditional territory and culture of the local First Nations.

Although we ran into challenges securing a knowledge keeper for our Fire Circle event, we were successful in introducing the Nature Camp to both First Nations offices and created relationships that will offer opportunities to connect beyond this project timeline.

In March 2023, community members, facilitators and participants of our Nature Camp program gathered around a Fire to discuss connection to land and respect for those that have stewarded the land for generations before us. The students could explore this idea with questions and reflections on the subject, with facilitators providing opportunities to open dialogue and emphasize the concept’s scope. Students then prepared a snack over the fire to share with all attendees. Our Fire Circle event was most successful in creating community relationships and creating space to acknowledge our local First Nations.

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