I had the great pleasure of working with SVNH Multicultural Women Peer Mentoring Group to deliver an NSG event held on July 22 from 12:30-3 pm. The title of the event was Fitness and Food tasting. There were 33 participants who enjoyed the three parts of the event activity: welcoming the participants with light refreshments, participating in easy standing yoga exercises demonstrated by the group members, and tasting delicious restaurant takeout foods from 5 most ethnic restaurants established in South Vancouver. These five dishes were chosen based on the 5 most populated ethnic community groups Philippines, middle eastern, India, Vietnam, and China. It was a great opportunity for us to introduce popular Multicultural cuisines to the participants as well as to support local small restaurant business owners owned by immigrants. The event was also a great reminder for us to think about our healthy life choices by doing simple yoga exercises at home, so we are aware of our physical health affecting our mental well-being and healthy lifestyle. I have been contacted by a couple of the event participants sharing their gratitude and story that the event has awakened them to be motivated by adopting their daily simple yoga exercises into their daily routines. I’m so glad that I decided to take on this project breaking my own fear of leading a project like this. I feel so much confidence and a sense of belonging to my community from this whole experience! I would like to say thank the ladies from SVNH Multicultural Women Peer Mentoring Group along with our facilitator, Kwangyoung for encouraging me and supporting me throughout the process. Thank you.

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